Ha, ThinkGeek is doing a Proto Man Buster replica too

‘Only a matter of time’

Back in 2014, ThinkGeek unleashed a Mega Buster replica out into the world for $80, that has since been cut to $50. It was a little to silly and unwieldy for my tastes, but I imagine someone’s son or daughter is having the time of their life with it right now.

Now they can square off against Proto Man, as the mysterious Blues brother is now getting his own cannon. Having been shown off at E3, it’ll feature LED lights and sounds just like Mega Man’s, and will be available “in a matter of time” on ThinkGeek’s site.

It looks a little off color-wise but we’ll see if it’s just a lighting trick on the final product page soon enough.

Proto Man Replica Buster is Blasting Your Way [Rockman Corner]

Chris Carter
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