H1Z1 is Steam’s top seller despite also not working right now

Log in issues

H1Z1, Sony Online Entertainment’s bizarrely-named version of DayZ, is out on Steam today in Early Access. Not just out; it’s atop the “top sellers” list on the Steam store, above freshly discounted, free-to-play-for-the-weekend Saint’s Row and Civilization: Beyond Earth.

It is also currently unplayable. And not just because it’s kind of broke, like when Brett played it last year (or because it’s kind of janky, like when I played it later last year).

Rather, it is more literally unplayable as players are reportedly having issues connecting to the login server (game error G99). One such player is Destructoid.com Features Editor Steven Hansen, who has been trying to log on for over an hour now to stream the game. “It’s a bit disappointing that new games drop, people pony up their $20 or sometimes $60 to be there minute one, and the dang thing doesn’t work,” Hansen said.

To be fair, this is an Early Access game, the express purpose of which is to get games balanced and working on time for their official release. It’s not like they didn’t test it beforehand. This is the trial period. A long one. I’m more surprised it cracked the Steam top-sellers, showing people haven’t lost interest in open world zombie survival sims.

“Maybe I’ll finally buy The Long Dark,” Hansen added.

Steven Hansen