Gyromancer team considered using Peggle or Zuma

Before Bejeweled Twist became a part of Gyromancer, the Square Enix team responsible for the PopCap Games-powered downloadable considered using Peggle and even Zuma as its puzzle foundation.

In a recent interview with Siliconera, the Gyromancer team collectively stated that the goal was to make “enemy-ally position” plain in the downloadable. As a result, games like Zuma and Peggle were considered with Bejeweled Twist.

“We had confirmed that some sort of puzzle system would be utilized as the base,” the team said, “but it took a while to decide which one exactly to go with. The intention for this game had always been to have a single-player focus, so instead of going for a versus-styled interface, we wanted something that would make the enemy-ally positioning very clear.”

The collective added, “With this mindset, PopCap games like Zuma and Peggle were actually brought up as candidates.”

We’re happy to celebrate the choice of Bejeweled Twist, despite our new knowledge of what Square Enix considered for two reasons: (1) Bejeweled Twist rocks and (2) we don’t get much done with the existence of old Peggle anyway. A new spin on Peggle would, no doubt, annihilate our current level of productivity.

Brad BradNicholson