Gym charging $110 an hour to play the Wii

Newsday is reporting that Gravity gym in Manhattan has developed a new “training session” that integrates playing the Wii as well as real, physical work. Of course, just like most things at the gym, the session is priced at a very affordable 110 dollars an hour. Mark Natale, Gravity’s executive director, said that he “think[s] of this as just another tool at the gym.”

I’m fairly familiar with the tools at the gym, but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that resembles a Wii remote. Perhaps a curl bar if it lacked weight and iron. For the price, you would hope that the Wii could provide some sort of calorie burning stuff, but according what we posted previously, you may as well go outside and do the real stuff.

Gravity doesn’t make mention of what games it has its trainers running people through. One could only hope it isn’t Carnival Games or Battle of the Bands. While I admit that it would be interesting to see, I have a hard time believing that this is anything more substantial than a bullet point on an advertisement.

Regardless, what do you guys think the Wii could bring to a training regimen?  

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