Gyllenhaal is dreamy in his Prince of Persia film trailer

Last week, Disney had a private behind-closed-doors peek at the trailer for the upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time film. But we weren’t allowed to show it to you… so we used words

Words are so boring. It appears has gotten its hands on an early, low-ish quality version of the trailer and decided to put it on YouTube. It’s better than nothing, but I think it illustrates a very important point — this movie might not be completely crap. 

Sure, it’s very over-the-top in that Hollywood action-film way. Hell, this is Jerry Bruckheimer we’re talking about here. But at least at its core, it does appear to stick close to the main points of the game’s plot. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is sooooo dreamy.

Nick Chester