Guys aren’t saying that they like casual games, but they do

A report by industry group Casual Games Association says that males tend to like casual games as much as females do, but aren’t fessing up as much. Maybe the games have to have guns or footballs in them to be mentionable? 

“Everyone always thought that casual games were something that only appeal to women,” Jessica Tams, managing director of the association, said in an interview. “We have always been obsessed about making games for women.”

The only real difference is that women are more likely to buy these games. Of the people surveyed, about three-fourths of those who bought casual games were women, though men were just as likely to play them. 

“It was really shocking for everybody. We knew these guys were playing these games,” Tams said. “But the hardcore gamer who is playing Halo with his buddies isn’t going to brag that he just beat the next level of Zuma.”

These numbers are surprising, though they don’t seem to compare to the slice of the gamer demographic I regularly interact with. I know I’d just as easily pick up Puzzle Fighter or Puyo Puyo as I would Halo or Half-Life.

What about you, guys? Are you a closet Bejeweled fan? And the ladies? I know some gals that won’t bother with casual games at all – do you dislike being grouped into this category?

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