Gutanbac Shrine location and solution for Tears of the Kingdom

Another tutorial shrine

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Ah, now this is a tutorial shrine! The only purpose of the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gutanbac puzzle is to equip you with the Ascend ability, and teach you how to use it. This is arguably one of the most helpful tutorials in the game, as it’s easy to forget this power even exists! Here’s how to solve the shrine and get your Light of Blessing.

You’ll unlock the Ascend ability at the Gutanbac Shrine

This shrine, like the one for the Fuse tutorial, is super simple. Your job is to have Ascend equipped at all times (using the L ability wheel) and just…ascend upwards. To use Ascend, you just need to be underneath a reachable platform and use the ability. You’ll rise up off the ground and essentially teleport into the platform while stuck in the ground. Press A to “exit” and leap off the platform, or press B to go back and fall downward where you originally were.

Throughout this dungeon, just Ascend above you, and cut the ropes to drop down another platform to Ascend. That’s it!

After completing the shrine you will get a Light of Blessing: which can be turned into statues to acquire more health or stamina. These function just like Spirit Orbs in Breath of the Wild, in that they require four for each upgrade.

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