Gussy up your Steam Controller with these new skins

Because we can!

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The Steam Controller is a thing that exists and has a fanbase. I didn’t care for it when I used it at PAX 2015, but I may eventually come around. A nice sale is going on and you can finally customize the look of the remote with some pretty cool skins.

While only Portal and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are represented, I’m sure this will open the floodgates for other publishers to license out their brands. I really dig those Steam Link skins, mostly because I’m tired of small, black boxes hanging around my home theater setup.

If cosmetic changes aren’t your thing, you can also grab a carrying case for the controller along with a wireless dongle and battery door. I guess Valve will do anything to avoid making a game, including jumping into the overpriced cellphone-style accessory market.

All of these items are on sale for the next week, but I have a feeling that the regular Steam sales will routinely see them drop in price.

Steam Hardware Accessories [Steam]

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