Gundam Versus gets European release date and a handy game mode trailer

I like the mode where the robots fight

The news keeps getting better for Gundam Versus. Hot off the North American release date announcement just a few days ago, Bandai Namco has confirmed that the game will launch simultaneously in Europe on September 29.

Bandai Namco has also put together a rather comprehensive game mode trailer looking at the various types of robot brawls mech fans can look forward to. Clocking in at over six minutes, the trailer is basically a small class presentation on all the ways teenagers in giant robot suits can blow each other up. The trailer shows off a bit of the solo story mode and runs down the various 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 online match formats, including ranked battles.

I normally don’t care about ranked modes, but the idea of climbing to the top as an ace mech pilot taps into all of my middle school anime fantasies.

Nic Rowen