Gullible PSN users fall prey to scammers

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Reports are coming in from PS3 fans that seem to indicate “serious issues” on the PlayStation Network. According to the victims, their accounts are getting hacked and charged obscene amounts of money. To be fair, however, it seems to be the victims’ fault. 

PS3 owner Dom Guerrera had the credit card charged $350 for PSN content that he didn’t buy himself. The unauthorized abuse, however, seems to stem from Guerrera’s own activity, since he was paying heed to chain emails and entering personal information on a “free” PlayStation Network code generator. 

It should really go without saying, but please don’t enter personal information and credit card details on sites you don’t implicitly trust. We thought everybody knew this by now, but it’s still obviously a lucrative venture for scammers otherwise it wouldn’t keep happening. If you, for some absurd reason, may have been affected by this, make sure you wipe your details from PSN. You silly person. 

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