Guitar Hero World Tour’s ‘secret instrument’ is a PC

We heard rumors of a “secret instrument” for Guitar Hero World Tour, and our guesses were way off base. It turns out that this instrument isn’t really musical at all: it’s your PC. Players will be able to use their PC to import MIDI tracks into the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of World Tour.

Shacknews has the scoop from Neversoft’s Brian Bright:

The MIDI sequencer functionality encompasses rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, keyboards and drum tracks on the PlayStation 3, but will be limited to drum tracks on the Xbox 360 due to unspecified “hardware issues.” The feature will arrive as part of a week-one patch for the game, which hits October 26. 

“If you’re a musician or you do any sequencing, it really just makes the pathway to getting your songs in the game that much easier–once you get it down. We just really want to give people enough tools to be able to make good music,” said Bright.

“If you really want to compose on your PC, obviously you’re going to use the samples in-game, but if you really want to compose on PC or turn your band’s MIDI…into a GH Tunes song, you can do that,” he explained. “You can press play on the computer, and if you have it connected through MIDI, you can record into the music studio.”

With this, who needs an instrument? I’m not a big guitar game fan, but the possibilties are limitless with this function. I can’t wait to play with this! 

Dale North