Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit and guitar now supported by Rock Band 2

Harmonix and MTV Games are all about consumers needing only one set of plastic instruments, unless of course you’re referring to the Chester household, in which case I hear they stockpile their peripherals by the dozen in a state of the art vault.

To make good on the words of encouragement, Harmonix released a patch today for the PlayStation 3 version of Rock Band 2 which fixes a slew of things, including adding support for the Guitar Hero World Tour drum and guitar peripherals.

Neat, huh? A similar patch is in the works for the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 2, so it’s looking like no one will be getting the shaft this time around. For once.

Hit the jump to see exactly what this mighty patch entails.

[Via Kotaku]


App Version 1.01 (NA)
App Version 1.01 (EFIGS)

Release Notes:


  • Provided support for third party drum and guitar controllers including GHWT & RR.
  • Adjusted crosstalk values for drum hardware.
  • Bug fix for remote drum fills being silent – users will now hear the drum track when drum fills.


  • Fixed overlapping drum fill bug on drum track.
  • Fixed rare network crash involving client signing out during setlist creation.
  • Fixed rare crash on calibration screen when users mash guitar controller buttons.
  • Fixed bug where Leaderboard scores in BWT were not uploading after users played the first song.
  • Fixed bug where Leaderboard career scores were posted including DLC songs and not just disc songs as originally intended.
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