Guitar Hero World Tour dev on music peripherals: When theirs break, buy ours

By now, you’ve probably heard the good news: Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that they are assuring that all instrument peripherals will be compatible with all music games. That is to say that the Guitar Hero World Tour drums will work with Rock Band 2, Rock Band 2′s guitars will work with World Tour, etc.

So with all of these options, what will you do? Both World Tour and Rock Band 2 look like solid titles, but whose peripherals will you use? Neversoft’s Brian Bright has solved the problem for you.

“[You] can pick up the standalone version of World Tour,” he says, “and use those instruments, and when they break they can buy ours.”

Ouch. I’ve yet to go hands-on with World Tour‘s new peripherals, but they certainly look solid. For many, the RedOctane guitars have been the plastic axe of choice; Harmonix’s first stab didn’t go so well, with many reporting strum bar problems, along with other issues. Just last week, I cracked my first drum pedal of my Rock Band drums.

While I don’t have them in my possession yet, I will say that the extended time I’ve spent with the updated Rock Band peripherals has been promising. The drum pedal is reinforced with steel, and the guitar itself feels more substantial. How it will stack up this fall remains to be seen, and will likely boil down to a matter of preference. But don’t you love all of the trash talk?

[Via Kotaku]

Nick Chester