Guitar Hero World Tour controller is not a keyboard

A few days ago we heard that a new Guitar Hero World Tour peripheral was in the works, and the folks at G4 guessed it was a keyboard of some sort. Well, it’s not a keyboard.

Neversoft project director Brian Bright spoke with Joystiq recently in an interview. It was there that Bright shot down the keyboard rumor for World Tour

“There are reasons why we haven’t included a keyboard controller,” said Bright. “Not all of our songs have keyboard parts, so we didn’t want someone to come into a game, pick up the keyboard controller, and then have nothing to do in any of the songs that are selected. We wanted a big mix of music in World Tour and adding a keyboard controller would either have limited our choices, or the players’.”

Don’t give up on keyboards just yet, as Bright also said, “A keyboard controller deserves to be introduced with its own game. This is something we’re thinking about.”

I think Destructoid readers were right the first time: it’s going to be a cowbell controller.

[Via Gamespot]

Dale North