Guitar Hero: Van Halen PS3 delayed due to spellig errer

Do you own a PS3? Are you due a free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen? Excited about that? Well, put the excitement back in the box for just a little while longer. Activision is currently shipping out free copies of the game to anybody eligible for one, but only on other systems. Those wanting a PS3 copy have been informed of a slight delay owing to a printing error.

“Unfortunately, we made a printing error on the package of Guitar Hero: Van Halen,” explains Activision in an email. “”Fortunately, we caught and remedied the error prior to sending your disc. Our effort to ensure a completely positive customer experience has resulted in a slight delay in shipping your copy of the game.”

It’s unlikely that this will affect the commercial release of the game in December, so that’s cool. I really want to see what they messed up though. Joystiq reckons they rated it “E” for “Eddie.” I want to believe that’s true.

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