Guitar Hero to become Rock Band: Activision promises new instruments, vocals

We all knew that the Guitar Hero franchise had its eyes set on more than just guitars. Trademarked potential titles like Keyboard Hero, Drum Hero, DJ Hero and even Guitar Villain and Drum Villain have all given clues as to the possible future of the series. However, Activision might be more keen than ever to step up its game in the wake of Rock Band‘s success, and rhythm game fans playing turncoat in its wake.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has promised that more instruments and vocals will be included in future titles, effectively stating that Guitar Hero will become Rock Band. With so many gamers now enjoying their sneering at Guitar Hero following Rock Band‘s release, I suppose I can’t blame Activision for trying to reclaim the music game crown in such a way. 

Would you be interested in a Rock Band Hero? What would Activision have to do to tear you away from EA’s rhythmic clutches?

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