Guitar Hero III: Even Flow: Like, whatever …

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Out of everything I’ve experienced in my entire life, the grunge movement influenced me more profoundly than anything short of being born male or being gifted with such striking blue eyes. Growing up in the early 90s here in the Northwest, you couldn’t help but feel that popular music had finally caught up with your innate apathy, cynicism and crushing depression. Assuming you hadn’t already blown your head off or become so heroin-addled that your introversion completely prevented you from connecting emotionally with other people, grunge was the hippie movement of a generation longing not for love, but for people to just leave them the f*$& alone.

Pearl Jam’s Even Flow (see above) epitomizes this spirit in a way only matched by a few tracks from Nevermind, and this really pretty homeless girl I once knew whose father used to put cigarettes out on her arm.

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