Guitar Hero II song packs expensive: We are part of the problem

The Guitar Hero II 360 song packs went live today — three songs per pack, each pack is 500 points. That’s like, six dollars and change for three songs. In some cases, songs you might not even want.

Pack 1: Bark at the Moon, Hey You, Ace of Spades
Pack 2: Killer Queen, Take it Off, Frankenstein
Pack 3: Higher Ground, Infected, Stellar

These are all tracks from the original Guitar Hero; while it should be noted that the songs do contain Guitar Hero II style co-op tracks (bass or rhythm guitar are playable), it’s of little consolation. You can buy the original PS2 game for $40 new and even cheaper used; to build that same song library (including bonus tunes) using this pricing, it would cost close to $100.

I can’t even fathom how much ecstacy was being snorted when the decision makers behind this pricing decided consumers would be okay with this great service. If you pay for this s**t, you are a f**king a**hole and you are part of the problem (no offense if you’ve already been raped this morning). You’re sending the message to publishers that this is okay, that you’ll bend over and take anything they have to offer.

Vote with your dollars — go buy a PlayStation 2.

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