Guitar Hero II song packs are still rolling in

It appears that Activision hasn’t grown tired of releasing overpriced DLC for Guitar Hero II just yet. Tipster LostCrichton informs us that another song pack is out now on the marketplace with the same old 500 Microsoft Points fee firmly intact:

  • The State of Massachusetts by the Dropkick Murphys
  • You Should Be Ashamed of Myself by The Bled
  • Memories of the Grove by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

I’m not sure who’s responsible for grouping the music together for these packs, but whoever you are, you’re damn good at pairing up perfectly fine songs with the most unappealing filth available.

If I wanted to listen to some of these songs, I could just as easily keep my $6.25 by jamming jagged rocks into my ears and pounding on them with a hammer. I like the Dropkick Murphys and all, just not enough to pay $6.25 for one of their songs that can only be heard in a videogame.

To those of you who still play Guitar Hero II on a daily basis: be happy that your prized game is still getting a steady stream of additional content. For the rest of us: nothing to see here, get back to your Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero III jam sessions and forget this whole thing ever happened.

[Thanks, LostCrichton] 

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