Guitar Hero II (360) gets street date

Pencil it in your planner, get plenty of rest, and give your boss a heads up that you’ll be sick that Tuesday. The Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II has an official street date of April 3, 2007.

This means that while the game will ship to stores in late March, retail clerks will have to smile politely in your face and pretend like they don’t have stacks of them in their back room that they’ve been eating their lunch on for weeks. But for those of you who can’t wait, never fear — big box retailers have been known to employ people who can’t read gigantic fluorescent stickers that say things like “STREET DATED – DO NOT SELL UNTIL APRIL 3, 2007.”

Expect a gigantic flame war to erupt in late March on the Gamefaqs forums over whether or not “swoll_kid1989” is lying about his mom picking up a copy at a local Wal-Mart.

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