Guitar Hero coming to DS as Guitar Hero: On Tour?

Besides the fact that we know a portable version of Guitar Hero will be making its way to the Nintendo DS, we really know little else. Red Octane’s Charles Huang had insinuated that the game might take advantage of a peripheral, but clearly that’s not necessary for a portable Guitar Hero experience. 

Some new information has come to light, and unfortunately, it may just be the game’s name. has uncovered a Activision’s trademark filing for “Guitar Hero On Tour,” which really could be anything. But given this French Web site’s listing of Guitar Hero: On Tour for release on the Nintendo DS later this year (via GoNintendo), we’re just putting two and two together. 

Games like Elite Beat Agents and even Daigasso! Band Brothers have proven that decent (if not great) rhythm games could be successful on the DS. Let’s hope that rock n’ roll on the go is just as fun.



Nick Chester