Guinness Book of World Records … the game … wait, what?

How do you pitch something like this to Destructoid readers? I guess you just say it — Guinness Book of World Records the Videogame. There, I said it, and somehow I don’t feel like I did the idea justice.

According to Gamefly, a game based on the annual catalog of noteworthy achievements (and that guy who sticks clothes pegs to his face a lot) is heading to the Wii and the DS which is, let’s face it, where titles like this go to trick parents into buying them.  

There are thin details thus far, and my brain is working overtime trying to work out exactly how this game will work. Will you compete against that mad bloke with the world’s longest fingernails in a fingernail growing contest? I would pay money to see that, actually. What we do know, however, is that the game is currently in the strategy/sim category and the proposed release date is 10/30/08.

Of course, this news would be more ludicrous if not for the fact that a World Records game actually exists … well, a board game. You can buy it on Ebay even, if you don’t mind all the records in it being set before 1979.

Jim Sterling