Guilty Gear Xrd player stands up too early, loses

Best moment of EVO so far?

Today’s top story from EVO came from a Guilty Gear Xrd match between Woshige and Ogawa.

After pulling off a comeback victory in the second round, Woshige mistakenly thought he’d won the match in its entirety. He stood up and turned to the crowd, triumphantly raising his hands in the air.

Meanwhile, his opponent took advantage of the situation and quickly took control of the match before Woshige realized it wasn’t actually over. And by the time he did, it was too late.

Ogawa eventually went on to win the tournament, while Woshige advanced to the losers bracket and ultimately wound up in placing third overall. He’s still number one in my heart, though.

[Video via RoBoT SheKeiB — Thanks, Southsing]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson