Guilty Gear Strive online fixes finally detailed by Arc System Works

guilty gear strive online bugs patch

Stay outta my ring

Arc System Works has released a rough rollout plan for a series of long-time-coming fixes for its flagship fighter, Guilty Gear Strive These fixes are chiefly directed toward to problems that players have been facing online, and are particularly aimed at reducing the grief caused by lobby-breaking trolls.

The statement, written by GG Strive producer Ken Miyauchi, lists a number of planned fixes aiming to curtail the tidal wave of broken matchmaking, lag spiking, and hostile griefing which has seen playing invading lobbies uninvited and hacking their games, causing freezes and sending unsolicited messages. These and other issues have been bothering the GG community for an exceptionally long time, leaving the die-hard community pretty miserable while they wait for repairs.

According to the statement, the expected rollout for these fixes is May 25, which has led some players to believe that this will probably be close to the release date of the next wave of DLC characters. After all, folks aren’t gonna buy DLC for a bust game. Fixes for abnormal ping numbers, room entry crashes, and a block on uninvited players entering lobbies. The patch is said to be currently in its testing and licensing phase, but hopefully will be rolled out on all platforms before the month is out. It’s been a long wait for the GG faithful, so here’s hoping for a happier summer.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. The next DLC character, believed to be Asuka R. Kreuz (That Man) is expected to arrive sometime this month.

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