Smell like Ramlethal with this new range of Guilty Gear fragrances

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We need a Bedman scent

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If you ever wanted to give off the lascivious odor of the pack of fucking maniacs that make up the Guilty Gear Strive roster, then fragrance company Fairytail Parfum has you covered, from head to toe, in fact.

The cologne and perfume company has released a new line of eau de parfum products based upon the sexy, sexy stars of the Arc System Works fighter. The range launches with four specific characters: the regal and handsome Ky Kiske, the mysterious world-eater Ramlethal Valentine, super-cute Halloweenie Jack-O Valentine, and hard-edged merc Sol Badguy, who looks like he hasn’t seen a shower in a year.

guilty gear fragrances perfume fairytail

While the men’s fragrances are seeing a relaunch, (now in larger 50ml bottles) the two ladies are seeing their respective debuts in the world of fragrance. These are not even Fairytail Parfum’s first dalliance with the world of Guilty Gear, as the company has previously released perfumes based on Dizzy and Elphelt Valentine — two beloved characters who are yet to make their roster appearance in Guilty Gear Strive (which may be why they have been replaced by Ram and Jack-O in this range).

These are the new fragrance builds, as reported by the fine folk of Siliconera.

  • Ramlethal: Red thyme, jasmine, and peony at the top; powder, white freesia, and lily of the valley in the middle; white musk, suede, and spice at the bottom.
  • Jack-O: Fragrant olive, yuzu, and jasmine at the top; iris, apricot, and magnolia in the middle; musk and cedarwood at the bottom.

You can check out the full range of fragrances over on the official Fairytail Parfum website. Given the company’s Japanese origins, GG fans will likely have to go the import route if they wish to pick up the new perfumes. Each bottle retails for ¥3,520, or roughly $27 USD, not including shipping.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms.

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