Guilty Gear creator says the Switch ‘might not be a good match’ for the series, but his team is working on it

For now, we have Mori-san’s BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle on Switch

Arc System Works is holding a press event in the US this week, and I had the opportunity to speak with Toshimichi Mori (Producer and BlazBlue series creator), and Daisuke Ishiwatari (Director and Designer of Guilty Gear) regarding the future of their franchises.

While the former is already helming a game on the Switch (BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle), Guilty Gear hasn’t shown any signs of crossing over to Nintendo systems in earnest — outside of a few sporadic Wii and DS releases a decade ago. When asked if the series ever stood a chance on the Switch, Ishiwatari responded, “That’s a really good question. One of the goals for Guilty Gear is achieving high quality graphics. Specifically on that point the Nintendo Switch might not be a good match, but that’s not our final conclusion. We’re still working on that.”

It’s a brief answer but it paints quite the picture. He doesn’t want to seem to compromise his vision unless he can get the engine running perfectly; and given that he didn’t outright deny it, there’s a chance we could see the next Guilty Gear on Switch.

Our full interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari is coming later today.

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