Guilty Gear 2 footage is as confusing as Bridget’s sexuality

No. This is not Guilty Gear. I’m not even sure what’s going on. Before, we’ve only had some images to take a look at, but now we’ve got a montage of an entire “round” from Guilty Gear 2. You play as Sol, running around in God Hand-esque fashion and, from what I can infer, trying to destroy a statue.

The game will periodically throw you into a fight with Ky’s police buddies. The fights remind me of God Hand even more, except that you’ve got the ability to pull off all of Sol’s special moves. Well, at least you can’t spam Gun Flame to death. As for the “end” of the round, there’s no explanation as to what that is yet.

Well, time to wait for some more info, and waste away countless hours on bullet-hell I-No.

[Thanks to cielo mist’s community blog for this]