Guild Wars: Go North for the Holidays

If you’ve wanted to try out the new Guild Wars: Eye of the North expansion but couldn’t, you may appreciate this gift.

Players can now take advantage of a free 5-hour trial of GW:EN. In the latest update, the level requirement has been lowered, so now level 10 players can enjoy this expansion. Also, a buff is available for those level 10-19, letting them go toe-to-toe with the new content.

Instructions can be found on the Guild Wars Web page. Users must have a full version of Guild Wars, Factions, or Nightfall activated.

Also, a blow-out celebration event is currently taking place. Until December 16th, players in Eye of the North will receive:

  • Triple experience from all primary storyline quests in Eye of the North.
  • Double the chance to receive rare items from chests, and triple the drop rate of Lockpicks in Eye of the North.
  • Double gold and experience rewards for vanquishing Eye of the North explorable areas while playing in Hard Mode.

In addition, Sparklers, Hunter’s Ale, and Honeycombs can be dropped from all creatures.

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