Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns launch trailer is a bit premature

Game doesn’t come out for another month

NCSoft has released the launch trailer for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns. And that is really, really strange.

No, it’s not the Evil Groot yelling at a cat that’s weird. It’s not the tentacle attacks, the sudden Wyvern attack, or even the Chelsea Flower Show’s interpretation of Cthulhu that appears at the end of the trailer which is weird. All that is really cool, and Heart of Thorns has got an amazingly well-animated trailer that I’d say rivals some of Warcraft’s best ads. That’s not the odd bit.

What is weird is that this is the launch trailer for an expansion that doesn’t come out for another month. Heart of Thorns launches on October 23, but this launch trailer was shown off at Twitchcon in San Francisco last week.

I’ve seen launch trailers come a week or so early, but never a whole damn month. NCSoft sure is an eager beaver, isn’t it? We’ll need the Launch Reminder Trailer in a few weeks just to remember this happened.

Joe Parlock