Guerrilla not bothered by Killzone vs. Halo comparisons

As the PlayStation 3’s premier first-person-shooter franchise, Killzone invariably finds itself at the vanguard of the console wars, often compared with Xbox 360 exclusive Halo. Curious as to how this affects developer Guerrilla, I asked Steven Ter Heide how he feels about the comparisons, and found out that the producer doesn’t feel much at all. 

“Comparisons will always be made, if not with Halo, then with another shooter, or even games outside of the genre,” he explains. “For us it’s more about creating a rewarding and fun experience for ourselves, for our fans, and ultimately for an even broader audience. Creating something recognizable, an experience that’s different from other games and that people can enjoy.

“Of course we look to other titles, or movies or books for that matter. See which things work well, analyze what it is that makes them work well and see if we can adapt things for Killzone. I think every discipline within Guerrilla has the ambition to be the best, and within their field they look at who is leading and how we can make steps to get there.”

Damn, and here I was hoping for him to say something controversial and piss off Xbox 360 fans. Ah well!

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