Guardian: PS3 is a ‘disappointment for gamers’

The Guardian has put the big four gaming platforms through their paces, giving helpful tips to the British consumer who is looking for some electronic entertainment this Christmas. The game weighs the relative pros and cons of each gaming system, and while it seems to find good and bad points about the Wii, Xbox 360 and PC, the paper has nothing but damning words for Sony’s “disappointing” Black Box o’ Blu-ray.

Of the Wii, the Guardian states that it’s a “perfect introduction to videogames” but that the graphics “aren’t as pretty” as other systems and that groundbreaking Wii games only come along infrequently. The Xbox 360 allegedly has the “best games portfolio” and the only bad point is the “useless” Arcade model. When talking about the PC and Mac, the paper only focuses on the obvious 3D graphics card requirement and states that most publishers ignore the Mac.

The real star of the show is the Guardian‘s assessment of the PlayStation 3: “Whereas the PlayStation 2 once dominated its rivals, the PS3 is a disappointment for gamers. Former PlayStation exclusives such as Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto are now available for rival consoles from the day of release and, at £250, PS3 is still too pricey. An attractive purchase only for those with an obsession with the PlayStation brand.”

Ouch. Pretty brutal summary, especially in a year that saw quite a few hot PS3 exclusives. What do you think? Is the PS3 truly something that only “obsessive” PlayStation fans need, or is the paper being unfairly harsh? Let your opinion be known!

Jim Sterling