Guacamelee 2 is officially coming to PC, and it’s launching sometime soon

How do you say ‘Oh, hell yeah’ in Spanish?

When Guacamelee 2 was revealed solely for PlayStation 4 last October, it seemed like cause to raise an eyebrow. The original Guacamelee released on nearly everywhere, so the sequel being restricted to one platform came off as unlikely. Later that day, developer DrinkBox Studios coyly told us “[We] aren’t announcing any other platforms at this time.”

As it turns out, that hunch was right. DrinkBox has just confirmed a PC release for Guacamelee 2. Here’s the Steam page for anyone who wants to wishlist it.

The other half of today’s news is both encouraging and frustratingly enigmatic. DrinkBox says that Guacamelee 2 will launch “soon.” No other details, just that it’s coming sometime in the near future. We’ve also been told that the PS4 and PC versions will release simultaneously. If Guacamelee 2 ends up with ports to other platforms, that news will likely arrive post-launch. Right now, it seems like PS4 and PC are the only places it’ll land at first.

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