Guacamelee 2 flies the coop on August 21

Call it Summerslam

The luchador smackdown, chicken transforming, Mexicovania that we’ve been eagerly awaiting for nearly a year is almost upon us. Drinkbox has finally put a release date on Guacamelee 2. Winner winner, pollo dinner.

Guacamelee 2 will launch on August 21. It’s set for PC and PS4, and it’s priced at $20. There’s a decent chance Guacamelee 2 could hit other platforms after its initial launch. The original eventually ended up almost everywhere.

Thematically, Guacamelee 2 seems extremely similar to its predecessor. It’s again about a luchador traveling across the living and dead worlds to stop an evil foe. However, Drinkbox claims this game will be much more substantial — bigger maps, more enemy types, and more abilities. Also, Guacamelee 2 has four-player drop-in, drop-out local cooperative play. ¡Dios mío!

Brett Makedonski
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