GTA’s ‘Fizz’ shows us how Liberty City’s famous party

You can think of Luis Lopez as a protector of sorts. Benefitting from the culture of the celebrity emphasized in The Ballad of Gay Tony, Lopez is paid to ensure that saucy starlets and other celebs have a good time in Maisonette9 and Hercules, two of Liberty City’s largest clubs. He’ll deliver the good stuff to talent and he’ll even whisk the famous away from the cold grip of the paparazzi. Furthermore, he keeps the clubs clean: nobody who doesn’t deserve to be bopping in the innards of either club stays for long.

The above video is loosely tied to Luis. In Rockstar Games fashion, the footage is a spoof, more specifically, a spoof of celebrity gossip shows. Called Fizz, it’s the one stop shop for any Liberty City citizen who wants to know exactly what their celebrities are snorting, eating and even s–ting at all times. In other words, it covers the important things in life.

[Update: Now in HD.]

Brad BradNicholson