GTAIV official box art : Decisions, decisions, decisions [Updated]

XboxFamily has posted up some pictures of the official Grand Theft Auto IV box art. For both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, you will have the choice of three seperate box designs to reflect the inner you. Are you a foreign criminal, a man with a phone or a slut? Any one of these images could grace your very own copy of GTAIV.

Rockstar apparently told XboxFamily that there will be a fourth box as well, but so far there’s no news on what that image will be. Perhaps it’s a returning character that is currently being held under wraps? Possibly, but I could just be setting us all up for crushing disappointment when it’s just a guy with a gun … again.

Go check out the other box shots and let us know what you think. I wonder if the different boxes will translate into more sales. I dare say there are enough stupid people out there who’d want to collect the whole bloody set.

[Update: Kotaku says that Rockstar has recently announced that these are not, in fact, official and are mere concepts at this stage. Expect the final box art to change between now and then]

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