GTA V debut coincides with weekly PS4 sales quadrupling in Japan

That Dragon Quest Metal Slime console surely helped

While retailers in some countries have already committed to taking Grand Theft Auto V off shelves, Japan’s just now getting the current-gen remake. For a country that has famously gotten away from console gaming, this game’s performing pretty well. And, it’s even moving some hardware in the process.

According to the latest Media Create statistics, Grand Theft Auto V was the third best-selling game in Japan last week, selling more than 81,000 units. That put it one place ahead of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Yo-kai Watch 2: Shin Uchi, a 3DS title, was the top performer with over 1.2 million sales. Interestingly enough, Assassin’s Creed Rogue debuted at tenth on the charts.

GTA V‘s strong showing coincided with a surge in PS4 sales, as the Sony console more than quadrupled its figures over the past week. The release of the Dragon Quest Metal Slime PS4 likely contributed to the spike in sales. Predictably, the 3DS was again king of the moving hardware with more than 157,000 sold. Also, the Wii U improved slightly on its impressive performance last week.

「妖怪ウォッチ2 真打」が初週124万本のヒット。「グランド・セフト・オートV」や「シャイニング・レゾナンス」もランクインした「週間販売ランキング+」 [4Gamer]

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