GTA V actor recreates the ‘Lamar roasts Franklin’ scene in real life

It’s been a while

The ripples of Grand Theft Auto V‘s 2013 release are still felt to this day.

GTA Online is going strong, but there’s still a large fandom around the central characters in the campaign, particularly Franklin and Trevor. Well today, one of those actors is honoring that legacy with a real-life recreation of a short, but memorable scene.

Folks may recall the character of Lamar, who ends up dishing out some tough truths to Franklin; knocking him down a peg. Well he’s back, in real-life form, as Lamar actor Slink Johnson has teamed up with the original Franklin (Solo Fonteno) for this clip below.

They even nailed the camera angles and the cadence! For reference, check out both the real clip and the original in-game one below.

It’s GTA V, so you bet it’s NSFW!

The original:

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