GTA Online shark cards return to 20% off as update arrives

Fastest way to get super yacht, I guess?

Update: 23% off coupon expired, new code worth 20% off live. See below.

So this is a pretty interesting event that we’ve been noticing. Every time a GTA Online update arrives with new in-game bling, people head out and hoard up some GTA Online Shark Cards (in-game currency). Heck, quite a few people are buying the $100 Megalodon shark cards so they can pick up the new giant super yacht fast. If you’re one of them, you might as well get them cheaper by buying at GMG and taking 20% off, versus paying the full retail price.


For reference sake, here’s the in-game price tag of the Galaxy Super Yachts:

  • $6 million for the Origion
  • $7 million for the Pisces
  • $8 million for the Aquarius

That means 1 Megalodon shark cash card will probably do the trick in getting you the GTA Online super yacht, or 2-3 Whale/Great White shark cash cards depending on your current in-game balance.

Before you think this whole thing is ridiculous, you should note that the $100 list price Megalodon shark card crept up as the #8 top selling item on Green Man Gaming earlier today. The base game itself has also returned to 40% off on Steam Store (historic low that we’ve seen is about $28 last month vs current $36).