GTA Online is shelling out huge chunks of bonus cash and XP this weekend

Crime pays

Rockstar is feeling charitable right now. All the wranglers and six shooters in Red Dead Online are getting a little richer thanks to a big boost to currency gains this weekend. The slumdogs of Los Santos get an equal (and maybe better!) opportunity to become millionaires.

GTA Online players are getting double GTA$ (cash) and RP (essentially XP) this weekend for all sorts of stuff. Contact missions; the Doomsday Finale scenario; the Occupy, Hardest Target, and Juggernaut Adversary modes — all of these grant twice the rewards through April 24.

There’s also an in-game promotion next week that even the most fiscally inept know to take advantage of. Starting on April 25, anyone who owns a biker clubhouse will be gifted GTA$250k. For the people who don’t yet have one, the Great Chaparral Clubhouse is on sale for GTA$50k. That’s a GTA$200k profit for buying a small chunk of real estate.

Here’s the full list of ways you can pad your bank account and reputation in GTA Online this weekend.  As one of the greatest modern philosophers and linguists once said: “Get rich or die tryin’.”

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