GTA Online is giving out big XP and money boosts for helping out Gerald

Call it Gerald’s Game

Gerald needs some backup and he’s willing to pay for it. Anyone who fires up GTA Online this week will find a set of six new contract missions that reward handsomely.

The weekly update to GTA Online spotlights the new story “Gerald’s Last Play.” You may remember Gerald as a Los Santos drug-peddler who we’re familiar with because of his connections with Lamar. Well, surprise — his drug racket needs protecting from rivals gangs, and that’s where we come in. Rockstar also says that “Gerald’s been planning his escape strategy.”

The half-dozen new contract missions (Make Ends Meat, Go Figure, Fast Peddling, Deal With It, Bad Companies, and End Product) award double XP and GTA$. Protection costs a premium. Those same 2X bonuses are available on all of GTA Online‘s other contract missions, VIP work, and challenges.

However, the biggest gains actually come in the high speed sceneGTA Online is serving up triple GTA$ and RP in the Formula 1-like open wheel races. Elsewhere, salaries are tripled for associate and bodyguard work.

What will you spend all this newly-earned cash on? Maybe consider some of GTA Online‘s discounted wares such as: 50% off executive offices, large special cargo warehouses, office garages, and office garages custom auto shop; 60 % off executive office customizations and office garage customizations;  25% off the Ocelot R88 vehicle; and 70% off the Armored Karin Kuruma vehicle. Also, Twitch Prime subscribers can get 80% off the Buckingham Luxor and Buckinham Luxor Deluxe.

Gerald’s Last Play [Rockstar]

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