GTA Online has F1 racing now, and that’s kinda weird

Zoom zoom

GTA Online is a lawless mayhem simulator where being a bad person is promoted, encouraged, and rewarded. That’s why the newest addition to this money-printing MMO seems, I don’t know, just a little off-track.

Today, Rockstar introduced Formula 1 racing to GTA Online, which is being called “Open Wheel Racing” so as to dodge a lawsuit. But make no mistake about it, they’re F1 cars zooming around windy and dangerous F1 courses.

The lengths Rockstar has gone to in order to simulate real racing is sort of staggering. This isn’t just an arcade-like free-for-all. Players have to make pit stops. Damage has a real effect rather than being cosmetic. Tires wear down, leaving your car slipping more and more until they’re swapped out.

But, early reports indicate that the reckless abandon of GTA Online‘s players does not mesh with this new mode. People can’t (or won’t) wrap their heads around discreet racing, rather barreling into turns at full speed and causing massive pileups. It’s not a formula for success, as a broken car won’t make it far in a race that lasts upward of 20 minutes. It’s an exercise that favors caution and precision, and literally nothing about GTA Online has trained anyone for that.

If you can rewire your brain, there are rewards to be reaped. The weekly GTA Online bonuses offer double GTA$ and XP in Open Wheel Races until March 4. There’s also the Ocelot R88 and Progen PR4 vehicles to earn. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race — but not too slow.

Open Wheel Racing Now Available for GTA Online [Rockstar]

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