GTA Online has a new approach to Heists, and the first one is a big job

The house won’t win this time

Big risk, big reward. That’s a saying that’s usually associated with some sort of gamble, but it has extra oomph here. You’re going to rip off the place where people gamble, Ocean’s 11 on the oceanside.

On December 12, GTA Online is going to add The Diamond Casino Heist, which Rockstar says is the biggest and most complex Heist yet. This is because it takes a new approach to pulling off high-profile robberies. There are preparation missions that influence how the heist goes down. Players will also start a phony retro arcade business where they’re able to plan everything and practice hacking and cracking security measures.

Once inside The Diamond Casino and Resort, the mission constantly changes based on decisions and actions. Players have to react to the new situations — ideally with discretion, less-ideally with bullets. Rockstar says the new Heist is supposed to be highly-replayable, always lending itself to new circumstances and outcomes.

This design sounds like the closest GTA Online has come to, you know, an actual heist. In one week, we’ll see if all this complexity actually comes to fruition. Regardless, it seems like everyone’s in for a payday at the casino’s expense.

The Diamond Casino Heist Coming December 12th [Rockstar Games]

Brett Makedonski
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