GTA Online brings the fight to the Game Grid with Tron-like lightcycle battles


The newest update to GTA Online doesn’t carry the general vibe most people associate with Grand Theft Auto. This is more futuristic, more surreal, more Tron. Oops!

(Listen, we all know it’s Tron but don’t call it Tron, alright? We don’t want a lawsuit on our hands.)

The star of the free Deadline update is the Nagasaki Shotaro, a sport bike that emits neon-colored trails behind it. Those trails are for more than just mood setting, though; any opposing racers who touch them will crash and burn. It’s a concept that might feel cribbed from somewhere else, but it’s not. It’s 100 percent wholly unique to Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Shotaro is available to use freely in the competitive multiplayer-focused Adversary mode. It seems to carry an in-game price tag of $2 million for anyone who wants to cruise the Los Santos streets on a hyper-futuristic bike. A hyper-futuristic bike that you’ve never seen before anywhere else if the lawyers come a knockin’.

New DEADLINE Mode and Shotaro Bike – Plus Special Bonuses in GTA Online [Rockstar Newswire]

Brett Makedonski
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