GTA on Wii … it’s not natural, I tells ya! Also, Houser talks DS

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Rockstar Games’ Dan Houser has been talking about Grand Theft Auto on the Wii, and why the studio has thus far not graced Nintendo’s white box o’ waggle with one of its controversial sandbox games. According to the Rockstar co-founder, they just weren’t feeling it.

“It didn’t feel natural to us, I guess,” Houser explains, which is quite funny considering it felt natural enough to release Manhunt 2. As you may recall, Manhunt 2 is as close to seedy as a violent game can get, yet that appeared on the Wii. Houser added that Rockstar “[hasn’t] really done any concrete, major thinking about the Wii, one way or another.”

Rockstar is at least more open to the DS, and seems quite happy that Chinatown Wars is coming to the dual-screened portable. “It really was that the DS felt like it had a lot of interesting challenges that would be totally different from what we’d done in the past,” he stated.

“The stylus and the chance to use minigames in that way was really interesting and exciting to us, and we thought we could integrate seamlessly between those two modes. And it would be the chance to make something really good on a handheld with our handheld-focused team. That was really why we went that way.”

Would GTA on the Wii feel right to you guys? Also, who’s up for some stylus minigames?

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