GTA MMO is Rockstar’s ‘Holy Grail’

If the idea of a Call of Duty MMO made you want to vomit, then prepare the sick bags some more as Rockstar’s Dan Houser has registered his interest in bringing subscription-based multiplayer gaming to the streets of Grand Theft Auto.

Since the amazing success of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, it’s no surprise that game companies would view the MMO market with envious eyes, readying their “me too” proposals in an attempt to bottle the magic of WoW. Houser even went as far as to call a subscription-based MMO “the Holy Grail.”

Houser described a GTA MMO as not only “”very, very doable,” but also a “very, very compelling proposition.” It would seem that Rockstar has thought a lot about this, and the future of the GTA series may have just been laid bare.

I’m noticing something of a backlash within the gamer community toward MMO’s, especially when it comes to turning successful franchises into them just to try and squeeze some extra cash. What do you make of this news? Would you pay to explore Liberty City with thousands of other people, or do you think you pay enough already? Could an MMO be Rockstar’s Holy Grail, or will it be a case of another cynical WoW attempt falling to Blizzard’s blade?

Jim Sterling