GTA-mimic gang member gets 75 to life; Animal Crossing-mimic stung by bee

(Pre-emptive Editor’s Note: Murder is not adorable. No matter how many references to unicorns (or that adorable baby polar bear that’s been in the news lately) you toss around, there is simply no way to add levity to the deaths of innocent people. That said, penguins are kinda adorable. They waddle around, often falling over, and they carry their eggs around on their tiny feet; like I said, adorable. So, if the systematic slaughter of other people makes you a little bummed, here’s a link to some pictures of penguins instead. We’ll call you when the adults are done talking. — Nex)

Gamepolitics has a story about the leader of a street gang that got off on playing Grand Theft Auto, then roaming the streets at night re-enacting the violence seen in the game, and in a case of the court system c***-punching someone who really deserves it, he’s received 75 years to life in PMITA prison. 

Gregory Colbert was the leader of an Liberty City Oakland, CA street gang called (and, no, I’m not making this up) The Nut Cases; a gang whose members were routinely tattooed with the likeness of (seriously, I’m not screwing with you) Mr. Peanut. Apparently all the cool, scary gang tattoos, like scorpions and Herpes Simplex A, were taken, so Colbert decided that nothing would strike fear into the hearts of his enemies like a monocle-wearing, anthropomorphic peanut in a top hat.

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