GTA IV region locked on the Xbox 360 … how lame

Bad news for import fans, or people who might be thinking of moving country such as yours truly. Rockstar has decided to region lock Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360. Unlike the PlayStation 3, where everything is region free, Microsoft lets the developer decide whether or not to lock the games down. Western developers usually don’t bother, while Japanese companies can nearly always be relied upon to do it. Rockstar, despite being based in the West, has decided to pull what we professionals call “something a sh*tsnake would do.”

This is actually very annoying news for someone like me, who internationally travels and intends to settle in another territory in the future. While the Xbox 360 version was looking to be a worthy purchase, hearing something like this makes the PlayStation 3 version of GTA IV look far better.

A disappointment, to say the least.

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