GTA IV PS3 downloads MIA; MS to SCEA: NBD, R* is my BFF

Take Two, a company whose entire fortune was built on the backs of children strangling virtual whores, has just revealed an updated version of its release schedule for the rest of 2007 (and on into fiscal year 2008). The list is pretty bland, ordinary stuff, such as Manhunt 2 hitting in the third quarter of 2007 or BioShock hitting in the fourth quarter, but the real fun begins when you scroll down to a tidbit marked Grand Theft Auto IV – Episodic Content. This is, quite obviously, the downloadable content the developers have been promising along with their title for quite some time, and the 2008 release date for it comes as no surprise, but the fact that the listing is only for the Xbox 360, and that there is no PlayStation 3 equivalent listing anywhere on the page, is enough to make Chad Warden wet himself in anger.

Now, keep in mind, this could merely be a mistake on the part of Take Two, or Microsoft may have paid for a certain term of exclusivity with the downloadable content. On the other hand, it could be exactly what it looks like. 

While it’s too early to say that this is terrible news for fans of the PlayStation 3, it just so happens to be exactly the right time to say things like “this is a grim portent for fans of the PlayStation 3” or “man, that’s gotta sting like a kick to the junk”.

Also, the 3DO called, it wants its longevity back.

Earnest Cavalli
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