GTA IV is somehow worse than sexualized children, according to PTC

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The Grand Theft Auto whiney train of whiney whiners continues to chug its way to Bitchpants Station.  The PTC’s Brent Bozel calls GTA IV a new “cultural low,” in a rather dismaying post that actually claims the game is worse than the sexualization of a 15-year old girl:

Outrage comes easy at the sight of 15-year-old Disney Channel billion-dollar phenomenon Miley Cyrus – known to screaming eight-year-old girls as Hannah Montana – appearing barebacked with a come-hither smile in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Did no one understand how the slinky satin-sheet photo would be greeted by the eyes of teenage boys – or men twice her age? Parents are covering the eyes of their Disney-drenched little girls while their role model has a train wreck. Do we need another Britney Spears Show?

But teenage boys are going wilder this week over a more dangerous cultural low …

Is this guy for real? Sorry, but I’ll take a videogame over the quasi-pedophillic whoring of that Miley Cyrus girl any day of the week. The rant also tries to say that videogames get let off easier than movies, which is the first time I’ve ever seen anything of the sort. Hit the jump for that.

…There’s something odd about our culture when we try to prevent children under 17 from seeing violent or sexually overt material in a two-hour R-rated movie, but we’re cavalier about selling the same experience – actually, a more offensive experience since it’s entirely non-judgmental – in an M-rated video game that will be played every night for months.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but which is the demonized medium here? Movies or videogames? I can’t think of anybody being “cavalier” about selling GTA to a child. His entire rant is as uneducated and illogical as all the others, but I still find him mocking people being offended over the Miley Cyrus crap while simultaneously expressing outrage over a videogame to not only be hypocritical, but a wee bit despicable.

Just goes to show how low some of these people will sink. 

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