GTA IV inspired by al-Qaeda? Nutter seems to think so

A nutcase is setting Islamic and terrorist forums alight with his theory that Grand Theft Auto IV’s more violent acts are inspired by al-Qaeda tactics. The man, calling himself Abd al-Wahhab, is convinced that Rockstar is emulating terrorists and recognize al-Qaeda as a “killing school.”

Abd’s proof comes in the form of five YouTube videos that show off such fun-filled family activities as suicide bombing and car bomb detonation. Despite the fact that these things were possible to do in GTA games before even the 9/11 attacks, Abd seems confident that Rockstar is copying Bin Laden and his Merry Men. Perhaps they should sue for plagiarism.

The above video is a piece of al-Wahhab’s evidence, but it’s a bit of a stupid theory, really. He is currently sharing his idea with al-Qaeda sympathizers and online Jihadists, who are probably all nutty enough to believe him.

James Stephanie Sterling